Daejeon 2012

Youth Center

A public building must engage with the people and belong to the city. Rather than create an “object building” our concept has been to create a building around a street. The street connects and unites the site to its context, producing an urban quarter that will become an important public space within Daejeon.

The penetrating street naturally draws people into the site allowing them to slowly discover a series of enclosed spaces: a Public Plaza surrounded by public programmes such as Exhibition, Cafes and Lobby. This will become a Cultural Quarter attracting people 365 days of the year. This new street is a place without cars only for people, connecting directly to the adjacent river.



Peter W Ferretto

Hyunsu Kim

Taeho Kim

Heeyoung Pyun

Sangcheol Kang

Arthur Gaston-Dreyfus

Sungyeol Choi


14, 000 sqm



Cultural Facility