Whanki Museum  Anjwa Dong 2010

The Whanki Museum Competition involves the opportunity to create an epicentre for the island of Anjwa, a building that can embody the essential elements of Nature, Landscape and Art, allowing a cultural renaissance of one of Korean’s most untreated and beautiful settings.

The Museum is a direct response to the surrounding context which we encountered whilst visiting the site. Beyond the poetic undulating landscape, the position of the museum within the school playground is influenced by the surrounding 1 storey village buildings and their particular their distinctive roofscape. We have used the roof as our conceptual and architectural tool to create a building which is both tailored to the site and inspired by the Art of Kim, Whanki.



Peter W Ferretto

Young Rock Kim

Taeho Kim

Dohyun Kim


2, 650 sqm


Cultural Facility