Changwon 2011

Welfare Center

A welfare building has to be an urban building that acts as a protagonist within the city, encouraging people to interact and engage with the facilities provided. This project focuses on rooting the new “Welfare Center ” for Changwon into the existing fabric both as an urban and a social event.

The proposal is born from a clear reaction to the existing welfare building which is both solid and impenetrable. Our concept is to literally cut open the mass and invite people to interact with the new center. The cut creates an urban slot, a public indoor space, which welcomes people into a 5 storey void animated by sculptural staircase that becomes the soul and life of the building. The staircase also acts as a weave threading together all the diverse programmes of the center into a unique and single experience.



Peter W Ferretto

Hyunsu Kim

Heeyoung Pyun

Taeho Kim

Youngrok Kim

Sangcheol Kang


4300 sqm


Public Facility