Vertical Museum  Seoul 2014

Vertical Museum is the second installment in the “Vertical” series produced by Professor Peter W. Ferretto’s Design Studio at Seoul National University. The first publications focused on the idea of Vertical Urbanism, exploring the idea of creating an alternative urban approach that could address the constant expansion of the metropolis towards the suburbs and in the process prevent the steady eroding and eradication of the precious land that we generically label as nature.


Vertical Museum, in contrast is a more focused exercise in creating a New Vertical Museum typology, itself a quasi-contradiction as contemporary museums seem to be ever expanding and Art by default getting larger to the extent that the Art pieces today are understood more as an installation that an individual piece.


The goal of the studio was to formulate various hypotheses for vertical cultural structures, rather than find concrete architectural solutions.  The site for the project was the abandoned old British Police Station in the heart of Hong Kong.  HK was selected both because of its vertiginous building-scape and an extreme density that together create a unique urban setting to test the student’s theories.


At the outset we selected 4 topics of research: Verticality/ Museum Typologies/ Cases Studies and Temporality.  Each topic related either directly or indirectly to the task at hand.  Students were given a graphic lexicon which consisted in all drawings, images, diagrams and text to be in black and white. After venturing into a weeklong workshop done in collaboration with HKU, Hong Kong University, the students developed individual iterations of their own museum. The project was conducted by 14 undergraduate students, in their third year, and is the product of one semester’s work, from September to December 2012.



Peter W. Ferretto
Assistant Professor
Department of Architecture
Seoul National University


Lee Minho
Masters Course
Department of Architecture, 
Seoul National University

Seoul National University

Professor Jinkyoon Kim, Emeritus Professor
Professor Bonghee Jeon, Head of Department

The University of Hong Kong
Faculty of Architecture

Professor Joshua Bolchover
Christine Lange
Inge Goudsmit

Guest Critics
Professor Marc Brossa
Professor Hyunjoon Yoo
Professor Kyungen Kim

Special thanks also to
Heeri Song, Benoy Architects HK
Eungsoo Kim, Benoy Architects HK