Venice Biennale

Hong Kong Exhibition

Condition Tower

Venice/ Hong Kong 2018


Hong Kong is a city that is often misunderstood, caught between two ideologies: east and west. Mention Hong Kong and immediately you conjure ideas of density in the skyscrapers. This vertical city, however, is surprisingly rooted to the ground. Streets, alleys, steps, terraces, landings, pavements, any surface becomes a potential site for inhabitation.  This appreciation of the ground plane generates a series of conditions: conditions of real life, situations where they live, though adapting and mediating.Urban conditions allow the inhabitants of Hong Kong to calibrate their life within the city.

This tower is conceived as a vertical manifestation of Hong Kong’s life. A tower of everyday conditions, from street market stalls to interstitial hidden spaces, each stacked to reveal a showcase of extreme density. The tower becomes the tertiary structure of the city, where each condition, to take the biological analogy further, represents the DNA of Hong Kong.  Rather than speculate on form or structure of potential new towers, this tower narrates a series of stories, spaces and buildings that constitute the background of the city highlighting a hybrid design somewhere between an anthropological cross-section of everyday Hong Kong life and an archaeological ruin of ephemeral conditions that will soon disappear.


Exhibition Leader

Prof. Peter W. Ferretto 

Exhibition designer

LAM Man Yan Milly 

Arthur WONG

CHOI Sungyeol