Tower Library

Heyuan  2020

Hakka Villages in North Guangdong are characterized by being built in mud. Mud in the form of bricks and rammed earth was the prevalent material for most villages of dwellers. He Xin Wu, is an example of a fortified Hakka Village with more than 6 rows of housing and an outer perimeter defence wall. This perimeter wall has a series of towers strategically located along the outer edge, they were used in self defence as watch out posts to defend the enclave. 

The new mud tower prototype reinterprets this typology in a new structure that aims to be a learning center for local children and visitors. The outer skin is made from staked adobe bricks while the internal stairs is made from locally sourced timber. The staircase is both the means to the viewing platform as well as the bookshelf of the library.


Research Design Team

Prof. Peter W. Ferretto (CUHK)

Prof. CAI Ling (GZU)

WANG Haoran Howard