Suncheon 2016

Suncheon Square  

The relationship between site and the surrounding context is the key component to the project’s urban response. Situated within two hills, the site is characterized by its historical North/South axis, which today has become a main urban artery. Rather than break this continuity, with the introduction of a park that acts as a “gap” within the existing urban fabric, our scheme consolidates the axis transforming the perimeter of the site into a porous wall - a filter to the cit.  The resulting protected public enclosure, relates importantly to the traditional Korean conception of in-between space, where perimeter walls around houses create interstitial spaces that paradoxically are both public and private at the same time.

The concept of the scheme has been developed in section, with the series of strategic levels differences establishing a new elevated public datum.  The new artificial platform becomes a generated landscape, elevated 3.5m from ground level, where visitors can embark into a unique cultural trail. 


Third Prize, 

Suncheon Art Platform International competition

Design team

Prof. Peter W. Ferretto

CHOI Sungyeol

In Colleborate with

eSou Architects

KIM Hyunsu