Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism 2017 

By City/ By Product

Hong Kong/ Shenzhen

Seoul 2017

Inspired by observations of real urban settings, By-City / By-Product proposes to examine the contemporary city as a series of conditions, no longer under the control of architects, urbanists and planners, but governed by multiple coexisting agents.  Hong Kong and Shenzhen will be analyzed not through abstract postulations but by focusing on the present reality of the city, the actual urban every day that stares at us in the face, the urban presence of the here and now.

Both cities share a complex interconnected yet detached existence, yet remain connected in their engineered nature, where territory is constantly adapted to mitigate with the changing inhabitation.  By product here refers to the leftover city that we inhabit: the interstitial, hidden and marginal.  By recreating HK conditions in Seoul and juxtaposing them with time fragments from SZ, visitors will be forced to ask questions and engage with the content of the exhibition that will reveal different facets of these two cities.




The exhibition “By-City / By-Product: Hong Kong, Shenzhen” has been conceived by Peter W. Ferretto and Doreen Heng Liu (Co-curators) in partnership with the School of Architecture at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Exhibition Leader

Prof. Peter W. Ferretto 

Prof. LIU Heng Doreen

Research Assistant

CHOI Sungyeol