Resort  Seoul 2013

Neighbouring Circles

We were approached by a private client to propose a new Master-Plan of a new cultural resort in the south of Korea, on a idyllic site close to the ocean.  The Brief and programme are all orientated towards “family” tourism, where amenities and residences would be integrated into the natural topography.  Our proposal focuses on respecting the natural landscape and working with the existing infrastructure the site already has.

At the center of the Master-Plan is a “Hub”, a series of three circular buildings, which acts as a magnet connecting the various elements of the design, which include high and middle end residences.  The Programmes of the Hub relate to Spa and wellbeing treatments together with a special pavilion dedicated to culinary ceremonies.  The project is currently being developed to Schematic Design stage.



Peter W Ferretto

KIM Hyunsu

CHOI Sungyeol

PYUN Heeyoung

PARK Sungho

KIM Taeho


Master Plan