Goheung 2013

Pottery Museum

Genius Loci

The starting point for the new DONGBONG Museum is to create a harmonious balance between museum and context; where building and nature don’t compete or dominate but can work together.  For this reason we opted not to create a “object” type building but integrate a series of smaller buildings into the existing fabric, working with the “Genius Loci” of the site.

Traditional Village

The program is distributed into a series of houses that are scattered onto the landscape similar to how a traditional Korean Villages are formed, considering orientation, views, topography.  The position of each mass creates two important spacial phenomena:  firstly the in between spaces become the new public space of the museum accommodating facilities such as the lobby, circulation and viewing platform; secondly these spaces act as openings to the surrounding engaging visitors with the amazing natural beauty.

Landmark Roof

The clustered of “houses” becomes unified into a single museum building  by a roof system that both encloses the spaces and gives a strong sense of directionality to the visitors.  This new roof-scape in turn becomes the landmark gesture, acting as a gate to the visitors arriving to parking site.

Nature Journey

Building and Nature work together to create a synergy.  To enable this interaction  we have created a Pavilion walkway, a series of 7 pavilions scattered onto the site where people can be illuminated


Competition Winning Entry

Design team

Peter W Ferretto   

Hyunsu Kim,

Sungyeol Choi   

Heeyoung Pyun

Sora Yoo 

Eunju Shin

Christina Lee



Byeongbeom Yang 

Seunghoon Chae

Taewang Kwon



Seogjung Choi  

Kisung Kang

Seungwhan Kim



Byungnam Kim  

Sumi Yoon

Seonyoung Lee  

Yangsik Woo


9,000 m2