Goheung 2014

Pottery Museum II

After winning the competition scheme the project underwent a lengthy consultation project where both the brief and the content of the museum was altered. Working together with the Local Government officials and a specialist consultation committee, we redesigned the project. Here follows a brief explanation.


The driving concept of the whole scheme is to focus to create a public courtyard around the historical kiln, used in ancient times to bake the pottery.  The Kiln is becomes the centre of gravity of the whole project with visitors being able to physically experience the making process behind this traditional pottery process.  The courtyard design is a perfect square which allowed us to introduce a perimeter ramp which takes people from the public real to the museum world located below ground/


The design of the building focuses on creating two very distinct worlds.  An outer solid world, formed by a cluster of extruded masses that house the various programs of the museum and an inner void housing the kiln which provides both light and content to the museum.


Revised design for the Pottery Museum, Goheung, Korea

Design team

Peter W Ferretto   Hyunsu Kim,

Sungyeol Choi   Heeyoung Pyun

Sora Yoo   Eunju Shin

Christina Lee



Byeongbeom Yang  Seunghoon Chae

Taewang Kwon



Seogjung Choi  Kisung Kang

Seungwhan Kim



Byungnam Kim  Sumi Yoon

Seonyoung Lee  Yangsik Woo


9,000 m2