Olso Museum

Oslo 2009

A Platform, a Courtyard and an Ice cube


This project focuses on two key ideas, creating a new public realm both internal and external and establishing a clear identity for the new National Museum.  Consolidating three National Museums into one comprehensive museum is an ambitious task; the task becomes especially compelling when the architecture proposal has to engage with a historical national monument. 

Reactivating the role of the existing Vestbanen building, in effect turning back the clock and bringing the former train station alive is the starting point for our architectural intervention.  The Vestbanen building becomes the main entrance to the museum complex and is absorbed into the new.  This clear juxtaposition between old/new is a critical decision which combines the two entities rather than allow both to dwell as separate urban fragments. 



Peter W Ferretto

Heeri Song


40, 000 sqm


Cultural Facility