Book Network

Sham Shui Po

Hong Kong  2020

The new prototype the team is developing comprehensively interprets and crystallizes the findings and thinkings generated during the 2-year research. We would like to introduce a flexible and transportable book-exchange platform to the Sham Shui Po community that helps reactivate by far underused public spaces as well as encouraging reading and sharing among people.

The concept of this platform was derived from the installation created by the team for Designinspire 2018. We would like to implant a humble yet inspirational design to the community that can provoke people’s attention to our living environment and further contribute to its development. The new prototype can also become an icon of Sham Shui Po by featuring the traditional metal craftsmanship that used to flourish here.

The round-shaped book station is wrapped by a handmade folding gate with curved patterns which were once widely applied to the shops along the city streets but are gradually disappearing nowadays. The gate is therefore not only equipment to help secure books during the night but also an epitome of Hong Kong’s indigenous culture.

By working with the district council, Legco Councillor, public libraries and relevant non-profit organizations, we aim to establish a book exchange network in Sham Shui Po to expand its influence and foster a sense of community. Potential sites for the installation including vacant space in public parks, the pedestrian street near schools and MTR exits and leftover space underneath the flyover. We hope to transform these merely transitional spaces into a series of social bubbles for people to rest, talk, exhibit and even perform.

The fabrication process of the new prototype will be in tight collaboration with local craftsman as it could be a valuable chance to help save the endangered traditional technique. We are now due also to commence a funding period where we can join forces with local institutions to find finance to fabricate and the management of the service.


Design Research Team

Prof. Peter W. Ferretto

WANG Haoran Howard