Myeongdong Park  Seoul 2016

This site offers a unique experience between City and Mountain.

Rather than establish one over the other, we have developed a transitional landscape where people can decompress before embarking on their journey.

The scheme is characterized by three “public” rooms joined by a connecting spine.  The spine works both a physical wall protecting the site from the adjacent road and as a circulation distributor.  Each room has been designed in relation to its context.


City Room: Open Plaza where citizens can gather, where evens can happen

Sunken Room: A protected garden accommodating Tourists arriving or departing from the bus station

Mountain Room: An open pavilion type rooms where people can rest on the descent or ascent to the mountain

As for the materiality of the spine we are considering a coloured concrete to add warmth and texture to the mass.  The spine also acts as landmark element for the whole city to recognize the location of the park.  To conclude this project embraces the site, turning its difficult conditions from a potential negative into an asset. It is a clear architectural response that integrates landscapes and architecture with equal importance. It will become a new destination for Seoul


Design team

Prof. Peter W. Ferretto

CHOI Sungyeol