Hong Kong 2015

MTR Art 



“Cast Respect” is a sculpture that questions our perception of what respect might mean today.  It avoids being either a metaphor or a symbol, two common traits of so many contemporary public sculptures; rather it challenges the notion of what respect might be and ultimately it makes you think.

Like the opening statement says, respect is a way of thinking, a relative notion that has always to be re-interpreted.  “Cast Respect” plays on the paradox of something being both fragile and solid at the same time.  Starting by stacking a series of mundane post-its, a fragile object was created that would virtually collapse the second it was completed.  By photographing it, its presence was cast, recorded for posterity.

The process of casting became integral to the concept of the project, where cast translated from a cognitive action to a physical action, literally casting the spaces made by the post-it notes.  Scale and material transform the concept into physicality a totem that conjures questions and creates a sense of mystery.


Competition, 2nd Prize

Design team

Peter W Ferretto

CHOI Sungyeol



Public Art