Museum of Contemporary Art 

Seoul 2010

The Historical Wall of the site is conceptualized into an “Inhabited Wall” an enclosure acting both as a container for the museum programme and at the same time dividing the inner spaces into three distinct courtyards.

The Programmatic walls are structured into three typologies: Cultural/Public/Private all connected a central hub which acts as a mixing chamber. The three distinctive courtyards are direct by products of connecting the outer walls by the central hub. Each courtyard has a specific character and atmosphere, Public/Private/Back.

The museum has been organised around the idea of creating multiple narratives. The distribution of the Gallery spaces revolves around a central “Hub”, a pivotal space that acts as constant reference point for all visitors.



Peter W Ferretto

Taeho Kim
Youngrock Kim

Hyunsu Kim




20, 000 sqm


Cultural Facility