Design Studio

Pause City

Hong Kong 2015

We live in an era where the Museum has become a default cultural commodity, indispensable piece of the urban jigsaw for any self-respecting “contemporary/ modern/en-vogue” 21st Century city. Oft en situated in segregated cultural districts they no longer follow the institutional system “collect to display” rather the organism has been inverted to follow the dictum “display to collect”; the collection referring to the endless merchandise which is rapidly replacing the “original” artifacts themselves.

The studio will challenge these notions and speculate whether the Museum can be returned to the city; an institution that celebrates urban life the expressions of time and place that inspire our everyday, leading to alternative architectural strategies that assemble fragments and celebrate a city that is beautifully incomplete. Our approach will be empirical, interpreting the city through direct contact, sampling and exploring the notion of “Pause”.


Our challenge is to attempt to defi ne what makes up a New Museum for Hong Kong today, as an antithesis to the Guggenheim and MOMA ventures that have engulfed so many cities today, and in the process reveal the layers of complexity that define Hong Kong’s urban condition.

Museum of Contemporary Chinese Art in Kwun Tong


CHEE King Hei Thomas

Museum of Contemporary Chinese Art in Kwun Tong


Daniel FUNG


Course Instructor

Prof. Peter W. Ferretto