Knowledge Transfer

Project Fund (KPF) 2019 - 2020

Living Heritage: Transforming

Hong Kong's Abandoned Village into 

Cultural Destinations

Hong Kong  2020

The project aims to reactivate the abandoned traditional villages in Hong Kong by working closely with an existing site, with the aim to keep the village’s cultural heritage alive.  Historically, villages have played an important role in development of Hong Kong, where people made a living via activities such as farming, fishing and salt making.  For some time, since Hong Kong became an important free port and eventually a major international financial centre, the focus has shifted towards the development of urban areas, in the process marginalizing the role of traditional villages.


Most villages in Hong Kong face similar issues. They are left vacant, undeveloped and disconnected from the rest of the city. The connection between the villages and the city, physically and culturally, has evaporated and in most cases no longer exists. This cultural phenomemon results in the new generations only being aware of this rich heritage via books, online stories and oral narratives.  Hong Kong faces a future where it is very likely that most of the remaining villages will be torn down for commercial development or housing provision as urban areas become saturated. By this time village traditions, both tangible and intangible, might altogether disappeare. For these reasons, before this regrettable reality is implemented, this project seeks to inject life back into these villages. Through creative workshops and participatory activities with people from the village, the young generations and students from the city, we plan to share knowledge about how villages can transform and become cultural destinations.


Project Team

Prof. Peter W. Ferretto

LAM Man Yan Milly

WONG Yuk Tsin Beryl


Collaborative Partner

Mr. LI Pui-k Kevin 

Mr. TANG Yuk Hang Marco

Countryside Conservation Office (EPD)

Contact Person

LAM Man Yan Milly


Research Fund