"Home" Exhibition Seoul 2011

"Home" Exhibition 

Home relates to belonging and returning. Home is a paradox: when you are at home you long to escape, and when you are separated from home you yearn to return. Home lies between these constantly changing conditions of desire and aversion.

As opposed to a house, a home is not physical, it is metaphysical entity; it condenses feelings of home through metaphors and associations. Home is a state of mind, some people find home comfortable while others can’t bear it.

Home has always related to discovering and searching, wondering and dreaming; a moving process, that is very independent and embodies a pursuit of knowledge. All too often home is understood as a static, rooted and permanent idea, like a building, where mass and physicality are unquestionable. Such rigid readings have always made me uncomfortable: they equate presence as the sole existence of “home” and disregard the oneric and poetic, the ever changing, volatile, moving and mutating “home”.



Peter W. Ferretto

Heeyoung Pyun

Youngrock Kim