Korean Modern History Museum  

Seoul 2010

The surrounding urban context is complex and to some extent incoherent as a result of its layered historical evolution. The nobility of the site is also obfuscated by the various degrees of development which coincide with Seoul’s explosive urbanization. This project recaptures and un-wraps the sense of urban elegance the site once had and should aspire to.

The extreme urban setting lacks engagement with the adjacent buildings; vacant open spaces are plentiful, for example large parking areas, staired entrances and questionable landscape designs which altogether create a series of physical urban barriers disconnecting the site and the adjacent urban space.  To engage the new Contemporary History Museum with the boulevard a “tailored design” intervention is needed. Rather than await the visitor our proposal physically reaches out in the form of an extended ramp, magnetically attracting people towards the museum.



Peter W Ferretto

Taeho Kim

Youngrok Kim

Changyeob Lee


120 housing units