Gaobu Library  Gaobu 2017

The aim of this project is to develop an alternative and sustainable strategy to regenerate Dong Minority villages in China via new architectural prototypes that respond to contemporary rural developments and foster minimum impact to the existing fabric of the village. 

The Dong ethnic minority people are one of China’s 56 ethnic groups, who live in the region delimited by southwest Hunan, southeast Guizhou and north Guangxi.  With a population of almost three million and a long history of more than 1,000 years dating back to the Tang Dynasty, the Dong communities are today, in a similar manner to many other Chinese rural settlements, deeply affected by the phenomenon of “Village Hollowing”.  This unprecedented exodus of rural populations to expanding urban areas, has resulted in almost vacant villages inhabited by struggling communities of mostly elderly people and children.


Most children being raised by their grandparents until the age of ten years old when they are forced to leave to study in nearby towns. Educational facilities such as schools and libraries are poor and in some cases non-existent, hence this prototype will seek to generate an educating incubator offering facilities for both children and elderly.


Research Design team

Prof. Peter W. Ferretto (CUHK)

CHOI Sungyeol