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Prototype Solutions for a New Timber House in Rural China

Hong Kong 2018

The aim of this workshop is to develop an alternative and sustainable strategy to regenerate Dong Minority villages in China via new architectural prototypes that respond to contemporary rural developments and foster minimum impact to the existing fabric of the village.

At the heart of this proposal, beyond the creation of a new architectural paradigm, lies the ambition to research, test and experiment with innovative timber ecosystems, that might enable and even empower the Dong community to generate a new sustainable technologically industry deeply connected to their heritage.

The proposed prototype timber house is planned to be built and tested in the Dong Minority village of Gaobu (高步), located along the Pingtan River (坪坦河) in Tongdao County, Hunan Province.  Finally, at a moment in time when one of the leading architectural stars, Patrick Schumacher, claims “Rural Architecture is an oxymoron” (Schumacher, 2016) the contradiction of pairing traditional timber architecture with innovative timber technologies might give rise an opportunity for a potential rural regeneration and influence rural Chinese societies for the better.


The prototypes aim to develop a handbook of practical recommendations for sustainable adaptive regeneration of the Dong villages, allowing communities to modernize through contemporary interventions which do not compete with tradition, rather complement integration with existing culture.


Course Instructor

Prof. Peter W. Ferretto


CHO Lok Man

Fan Tianpeng 
JIANG Jingru

Kowk Yan Yu 
LI Chung Hei

LING Pak Wai
Liu Tsz Kwan

SO Ching Ching
TANG Wan Ting

TONG Wing Sze
TSE Yan Hei

WONG Chun Lung
YAU Chun Yin