Hong Kong Condition III

Hong Kong 2017

Hong Kong embodies the notion of Background City par-excellence , a manufactured metropolis that came into existence accidentally, and is today a largely engineered territory; a city that co-exists with nature in the process generating an artificial state of reclaimed land, underground networks, bridges, retaining walls and other infrastructure elements.  Based on the conceptual urban theory of the Italian anthropologist Franco La Cecla “Against City Planning” (2015) we will forensically analyze three Hong Kong conditions, articulating how the Background City operates logistically and most importantly without the aid of architects and urban planners to prove that cities are still fundamentally connected to human existence.  Rather than anticipate the future architects should re-engage with the invisible networks of the present and in the process reconnect with its inhabitants. 

Over the course of this semester, 13 weeks, we will analyse “Inhabited Urban Conditions” in four specific areas of Hong Kong.  Following on from previous elective classes (2015-2016: entitled “CONDITION/HONG KONG”) where more than 300 instances of urban inhabitation were documented, this class will focus on three areas to develop a more detailed and specific mapping. 


Course Instructor

Prof. Peter W. Ferretto


CHAN Cheuk Kiu Jefferson

CHAN Wai Sum Sam

CHIU Mei Ying Ashley

CHOW Sze Hei

HO Kwan Ho Dennis

Kowk Hoi Lam Helen

LAM Joshua Wai Hon

TAM Sea Yan Celia

Vong Ting Hin Woody


WONG Fai Nam Arthur