Gaobu - Applied Knowledge 

Gaobu 2019

This is the 4th summer elective CUHK School of Architecture organizes in the village of Gaobu started in 2016, having studied how the village works, our task will be to question the role of the river in transforming the Dong Pingtan River. The river was the reason all the settlements formed in the first place, a natural source for farming, transport and food that today become a marginalized element affected by several problems.

As regional authorities focus on the built environment, the traditional Dong archi-tecture, could the river actually become a new asset to transform the valley, Could the transformation tackle issues of pollution, environment and ecology that are long overdue?

Working in groups students will study existing relationships villagers have with river, study how vernacular buildings engage with the river and the surrounding context. Eventually to propose a series of timber prototypes that can be integrated into the topography. Students will work closely with the local carpenters learning traditional carpentry skills

The intention of the course is to connect CU student of architecture with “real” projects, projects associated to pressing environmental problems and allow students to form social responsibilities towards the community.  You will be asked to BUILD (not design) a small Waste Disposal Station for the village.  The site, design and budget for the project will be prepared beforehand while students will focus on constructing the building together with two local carpenters.


Course Instructor

Prof. Peter W. Ferretto


CHAN Chun Hei Vincent

JIAO Keqing



CHAN King Long

KOO Hoi Sau

MIAO Shuhan

WONG Ho Ching

NING Hoi Kan Carol

CHAN Yin Tat

WONG Wai Faan

YIU Pui Shan

KWAN Hoi Lun

TSE Oi Ping

HO Chung Hei

LO Pik Ying

CHOI Lai Fei

HO Koon Kau

Teaching Assistant

LAM Man Yan Milly

LIU Ziwei Paula