Hong Kong Condition II

Hong Kong 2016

More than a city, Hong Kong is a condition, where diverse moments of human habitation collectively generate an un-paralleled urban ecology.  This project focuses on challenging preconceived notions of how we see our cities, steering away from the prescribed notions of urbanism and architecture as abstract entity, where citizen and professionals are separated by a vast gulf, rather it seeks to re-address the link between the city and human habitation. 

Hong Kong is a city that has always developed reactively, as a reaction to given conditions, be it political or geographically, in the process generating a unique identity that responds and adapts to situations.  Conditions form the backdrop against which we live our daily life; they are the fragments that generate the public/social realm.  They represent both the ambiguous line between the city and its citizens and the moment where coexistence between the physical and the meta-physical realms collide.  Understanding Hong Kong as a series of conditions allows students to question and the same time understand the collective DNA of habitation and start a debate that anticipates rather than assesses, accepts rather than postulates.  

This course is based on “forensic” examination of the existing conditions, what we will define as the “here and now”. By looking at three broad areas of Hong Kong: Island, Kowloon and New Territories, we will assemble a book of these conditions.  The title of the course deliberately, is a ratio, where “CONDITION” is in a direct relationship to HONG KONG.  Each student will define three spaces from each location with a series of 3 pages, i.e. Kowloon will have three spaces, one space/week, each space defined by three pages.  The 3 pages format is very important in establishing a catalogue system, a scientific index, structured into 3 components: 3D line drawings, black & white photograph and a short text. Imagine an ornithologist handbook, where each species is catalogued according to its: habitat, colour and food. 


Course Instructor

Prof. Peter W. Ferretto


CHEN Wei-I Only

Fung Ching Wai Wilson

Kwok Hoi Lam Helen

LAM Man Yan Milly

LAM Yan Kati

LAU Miu Kwan Micki

LAW Yin Yan

LAW Yuk Sin Sincere

PANG Lee Sze Liz

SUN Yuxuan Vicky

TAM Dik Yeung Derek

TAM Sin Yu Crystal

WANG Haoran Howard


YIM Yu Ching Ben