Our working method is simple and transparent.  We find communities, rural and urban, in China and abroad, in need of help and support. Through dialogue and public engagement, we identify social project that can improve the existing situation.  Once selected, working together with students, research assistants, academics, professional architects and engineers we develop an action strategy.


We design, finance and manage the whole operation aiming to eventually build the project with local craftsmen. All donations go directly to the realization of a specific project. Communities need better buildings, but only a selected few can afford to employ architect. We believe this is wrong and detrimental to the profession as a whole, hence through this fund we offer our services pro-bono to both help and generate new research knowledge.

Ongoing Projects

Pingtan Library 

Fund: 400, 000 HKD

Book Stage

Fund: 150, 000 HKD

Hakka Tower

Fund: 400, 000 HKD

Completed Projects

Book House 

Fund: 500, 000 HKD

Book Tree

Fund: 50, 000 HKD