Hong Kong  2019

What is this exhibition about, What are you looking at, what is the design elements relevant to this show, we are presenting the research of the CONDITION_LAB at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, a lab within the School o Architecture that (Looks) into social conditions and tries to learn from them and see how existing knowledge can be translated into new design. Without knowing what we have, where we are, we can not speculate about what design should be specially.


The topic of this installation is about the Middle Ground, China's Middle Ground. A place that few have acknowledged, which today lies as a non-discript territory, no man’s land that looks the same to everyone, hidden in this territory lie pockets of abandoned heritage, whole villages that recall a bygone era. 

Before proposals and ideas ger-minate you look at a series of hapahazard facts, artifacts and thoughts. This is what this table is a platform of ideas and observations about something we don’t fully understand - something we are trying to digest


Exhibition Leader

Prof. Peter W. Ferretto 

Exhibition Designer

WANG Haoran Howard

Special Thanks

He Xin Wu Concil

Student Helpers

Luca Mangili


Wu Yi-Jane

Shi Yu