Seoul National University DAAE

Design Studio 4.2

Manila 2010

This studio will be based in Manila, Philippines. The project will be a collective urban group project where students will work in teams of 3/4 with the aim of producing a book, a publication that will be released at the end of the semester, ready to be published. 

This studio aims to look at the city from a different stand point, embarking into an investigation which looks at existing buildings, rooms and spaces and from this sum of these pluralities assembles a series of interventions which alone are isolated occurrences but collectively knit into the fabric of the city. 
Coming from Seoul, SNU students have an instinctive insight into the advantages and perils of rapid modernization.  The phenomenal transformation Seoul has undergone in the last 40 years, which in western metropolis occurred over a period of 200 years of industrialization, is becoming a de facto reality in many Asian cities.   Manila is an emerging Capital and in the process of rapidly modernising.  Can we propose an alternative plan?  Is there an alternative to persistent gentrification and the  multiplication of shopping malls? These and other questions are the starting point of our studio project which will culminate in four specific design interventions.


Studio Coordinator 

Prof. Peter W. Ferretto