Seoul National University DAAE

Design Studio 2.2

Seoul 2013

The semester will be divided into two main parts, Research and Project.

The research project will be a 6 weeks assignment divided into two parts


A: Space/Time/Light > 3 Weeks


Students will not work with a site

You will venture into exploring Space

You will make models of spaces with plaster

The models will be scale less and will explore how light, time and movement interact.

The technique will be casting, where the positive space has to inverted, i.e. conceived in the negative

3 models one per week will have to be produced

All the models will have to be Photographed B&W in the darkroom



B: Projection and Plates > 3 Weeks


We will explore Piranesi’s drawings, specifically his 19 plates of the Carceri

You will be asked to make 3 plates for each model

3x3 = 9 plates in total

The plates will contain drawings of the spaces that you created and will contain 2D and 3D projections

All drawings will be in scale and Black & White lines


Studio Coordinator 

Prof. Peter W. Ferretto