Seoul National University DAAE

Design Studio 2.1

Seoul 2010

The objective of this course is to help students to learn the process of design by encouraging them to get familiarized with the basic architectural concepts. Students are asked to carefully analyze the given context and the site, which are important part of design considerations, in the process of establishing architectural concepts that would reflect architect's aesthetic vision. Emphasis will be given on having students engaged in total design process in which students would learn to address such issues as site planning, program analysis and building design. 

Housing is selected and studied as an introductory subject in architectural design. House is a physical form that has a tremendous influence on life style, way of thinking, and sensibilities. House constructs a family and it becomes a forms of invisible center. In short, house is the center of human life. For this reason, generality and particularity of human life has to be preceded for designing a house since every aspects of daily life are accommodating as an architectural type. 


Studio Coordinator 

Prof. Peter W. Ferretto