Busan 2011

Busan Opera House

Cultural Quarter

Going to the Opera is an urban event that belongs to the city. The Opera House is both a landmark and a destination where people go to have a cultural experience. This project focus on creating a complex that is rooted in the city and refrains from becoming a mere object building.

The 19 th Century Opera house was conceived as an urban artefact seamlessly knitted into the fabric of the city. During the course of the 20 th Century there was a shift towards notion of an “Icon” building, vis-à-vis Sydney. This project proposes to mediate between these two notions creating a series of performance spaces that are clustered together in a cultural complex, a new urban paradigm.

The concept is to literally wrap the site with a public street which in turn becomes a programmatic wall housing the main performance functions. These pragmatic decisions create a series of by product spaces that are the public soul of Busan’s new cultural quarter.


International Competition
First Prize Winner


Peter W Ferretto

Hyunsu Kim

Taeho Kim

Young Rock Kim


48, 000 sqm


Cultural Facility