Beijing Exhibition  Beijing 2012

CU-Space Gallery, 798-Beijing, China

“STOP”Architecture needs a break.  Rarely do architects have time to contemplate what they are designing or pursuing. Whilst developing projects we fall victim of endless discussions about formalistic, political, practical and other tactical arguments while the bigger picture of what does it all add up to is left lingering as a blurred intangible plan.

Rather than represent the first 20 projects completed since we opened the architectural
studio PWFERRETTO in 2009, we have chosen to “STOP” and look back to reassess what it could all mean. This exhibition is a mental cleaning act, a process of cleaning thoughts,hard drives, concepts, models which un-equivocally does not wish to become sentimental and nostalgic but install the same sense of vigour one feels when disposing waste, emancipation.

“STOP” is a standalone project, a project which uses architectural projects as elements to compose a piece. Images stop being representations of spaces and buildings to transform into individual experiences. Architects have become accustomed and dextrous in communicating via virtual mediums; from rendering to animations virtual tools have made reality an artificial and fabricated condition. “STOP” seeks to change this paradigm and produce mirages that make see what we could have never seen, hidden spaces. 



Peter W Ferretto

Hyunsu Kim

Heeyoung Pyun