Cheongju 2013

Art House

An Art Storage institution is different from a museum.  The experience has to engage and relate to the visitor in a more raw and immediate way.  This project amplifies the power of the existing structure by revealing its bare structural logic.


The original factory has a beautiful sense of rationality and authenticity; where the structure of the building is honestly manifested in its elevations.  Our projects main concept is to expose the original structural logic of the building and in the process create a new landmark project that retains the DNA of the original building.

By removing the nonstructural walls and exposing the column and grid matrix a shelf system is revealed, that recalls the elegant Korean screen painting of the Josong Dynasty.  The infill walls are replaced with articulated slanted screens which weave through the façade creating a progressive movement.


The Façade of the main building is articulated through a series of openings, with three distinct types of movement: Fixed/Slanted-In/Slanted-Out.  Through this movement the façade becomes layered and sense of depth is added to the once static elevation.  The material of the openings is metallic and glazed to produce a contrast with the existing, and further create a clear sign that the original building has been majorly transformed yet its soul is kept intact.



Peter W Ferretto

Hyunsu Kim

SeungYoel Choi

Taeho Kim

Heeyoung Pyun

Sangcheol Kang

Lucia Espinoza

Yeochun Yoon


22, 000 sqm



Cultural Facility