International Workshop on the Future of Rural Villages

Hong Kong  2019



Make something suitable for a new use or purpose; modify or become adjusted to new conditions. 


Rural villages are changing at an unprecedented rate, the notion of the rural condition is today rife with preconceived ideas that have little in common with actual everyday countryside life.  This workshop is interested in exploring “actual” rural conditions, to expose examples of villages that are changing and understand how and why they transform.  We wish to expose how villages adapt and calibrate.   


The workshop is structured over two days, the first day is dedicated to talks, where 12 international experts, academics and professionals will present positions based on first-hand experience.  Each talk will fall into three categories: Heritage / Modernization, Economics / Sustainability, and Community / Society. 


The second day, the workshop will see each guest speaker collaborate with a team of 4 registered students, to produce an “Adapting Villages” Book Chapter establishing a position for the future of rural villages.  Each chapter will be assembled into a final book that will be produced, printed and exhibited in one day. 


Finally, this workshop is a chance for students and professionals to collaborate, share and debate ideas about what is happening to rural villages around the world today.  By designing a position, rather than a manifesto, the workshop aims to establishing a design thinking strategy for how villages can adapt in the future rather than start from scratch. 



Shin Egashira

ZHOU Zhengxu (周政旭)

John Lin C.H. (林君翰)

CAI Ling (蔡凌)

CHEN Haoru (陳浩如)

ZHU Jingxiang (朱競翔)

LAM Tat (林達)

MA Kit Yi Maggie (馬潔怡)

Ben Stringer

Mariana Ordóñez Grajales

& Jesica Amescua mescua

Project Little Dream

LU Jiansong (盧健松)

CHENG Jingru Cyan(程婧如)

Peter W. Ferretto


Prof. Peter W. Ferretto 

Prof. CAI Ling

Workshop Assistant

LAM Man Yan Milly

LIU Ziwei Paula

Adapting Villages

Book House

E_Gaobu 2017