AA SAKIA Daejeon Visiting School

Daejeon 2010

The third Korean visiting school was a blast, everything a AA summer workshop should be, disorganized, unexpected, creative and relentless, there is no other way to put it.  Everything seemed doomed, our Korean partners SAKIA had been hit by the global recession and wanted to cut costs.  All the 6 units had to work with was a huge open sports hall open 24 hours, which was fortunately air conditioned to cope with the torrid Korean summer heat.

Six units with six independent agendas, all looking at the same theme, was enough to completely baffle our Korean assistant professors.  The students were unbothered, they set the pace working until 3am on the first day and then drinking at the mosquito bar until dawn.  The evening lectures were a real highlight of this programme, rather than opt for standard/ predictable option, all AA tutors went commando.  Kate and Matthias combined forces in a 20 minute real-time design project for an architectural icon where both virtual and physical models were produced and projected live onto multiple screens.  Valentin brilliantly improvised by bravely letting students freely select from his hard disk material, and letting the lecture spontaneously develop. Cristina and Efron, showed a sensual pixelated animation of their working method, while Shin and I talked about our join practice PRAXIS.


AA Korean Visiting School Director 

Peter W. Ferretto