AA Daejeon Visiting School

Daejeon 2009

Following on from last year’s “DMZ” AA visiting programme in Paju Book City, Seoul the AA has been invited to collaborate again this summer with SAKIA (The Korean RIBA) and Daejeon University.

SAKIA have set the new high-profile Korean President’s “Grand Projet” canal development that will connect Seoul to Busan as the main topic for the workshop.  At present there is huge political speculation surrounding this massive infrastructural project in Korea with very little attention given to the social and architectural implications.  Our aim will be to interrogate the project critically and to produce a response that engages the new canal/river with its context (physical/social).

In the workshop students will explore how architectural thinking can be stimulated by design activities.  Students will investigate alternative architectures and critical ways of working across new design platforms, collaborative media and materials systems in order to visualize proposals and ideas that in turn are intended to energize larger political, professional and public discussions about the future of the river. 


AA Korean Visiting School Director 

Peter W. Ferretto