AA Seoul Visiting School

Seoul 2009

Political speculation of when and how North and South Korea will unify has long been a topic of discussion.  This workshop takes for granted that eventually the two Koreas will be reunited, however rather than analyse these repercussions and be forced to take sides with either Pyongyang or Seoul, we set up a new hypothesis, i.e. what if the De-Militarised Zone (DMZ) was to become a new independent nation, a state within a state comparable to Monaco/ France, Vatican/ Italy, Liechtenstein/ Switzerland.

The workshop aims to address the uncharted subject of the architecture of a nation, where political and economic systems will be challenged along side with architectural design and urban theories.  How do architects react when designing at such scale, can Sant’Elian utopias be replaced by the basics of constructing a country.  How a strip of land more than 600 square miles in area, 2.5 miles wide and spanning from coast to coast along the 38th parallel, dividing North and South Korea, change from a cold war residual space to a new nation.

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AA Korean Visiting School Director 

Peter W. Ferretto